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Using video to assess practical skills

Students recorded their own presentationsAssessing a live performance or demonstration of practical skills can be challenging and can eat into valuable timetabled hours. Lecturers and students in the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare have found that using video to capture a performance can bring a number of benefits and they have used UWL Replay for this purpose.

Jennie Wilson

Jennie Wilson, Reader

Students on the MSc Advanced Practice design and deliver a teaching session in their own area of clinical practice as part of an assessment.  Caroline Smales and Jennie Wilson teach on the course and wanted to find a more efficient, effective and creative way to facilitate this assessment.

The new assessment requires students to deliver their teaching session to peers in their workplace and video the session using equipment readily available such as their mobile phone or tablet.  The videos were then uploaded to UWL Replay and available for marking through Blackboard.

Can you hear me? Student and lecturer experiences of recorded spoken feedback

micriphoneLecturers from across the disciplines at UWL are exploring the use of recorded spoken feedback (audio feedback) to supplement written feedback, or to replace written feedback entirely, in an attempt to increase student engagement with the feedback on their work and to support learning. Students have reacted favorably, lecturers have found it can provide more nuanced and sensitive feedback, and external examiners have responded positively.

Simulating professional practice: adding authenticity with video

First year students in the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare were challenged to manage a simulated disease outbreak, giving them an authentic taste of professional practice.

Microbiologist enters scene of outbreak

Lecturers on the BSc (Hons) Health Promotion and Public Health designed an opportunity for students to link theory to practice in a realistic and challenging environment.  In the absence of clinical placements, a classroom-based simulation was developed to allow students to practise managing a disease outbreak scenario:  The Zombie Apocolypse.

Supporting Mature Learners


The recent Social Mobility Action Group report on social mobility and Higher Education highlighted the importance of mature learners to social mobility. Mature learners are an important part of the UWL student body and, at the Institute for Teaching, Innovation and Learning (INSTIL), we are especially focussed on this group through the integrated foundation provision, which has nearly 200 mature learners. With this in mind I went to the NEON mature learners summit to learn more about what is being done across the sector to support these students.

Using Panopto Personal Recorder for reflective assessment

macaroonUWL Replay (Panopto) is used for lecture capture and for individual recordings, both by staff and students. Nathan Vasanthan from London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism has found it very effective for reflective assessment in one of his modules.

As part of the Modern Patisserie Techniques module in BA Food and Professional Cookery course, students are required to give a 10-minute demonstration of their skills in pastry techniques and submit a critical reflection on their performance using video recordings of their presentations and written instructor- and peer-feedback.

Each student’s presentation was recorded using the Panopto Recorder and the recordings were shared with individual students through Blackboard.
Feedback and reflection play a vital role in mastering professional skills, both in FE and HE. Recordings made in UWL Replay are used to help students evaluate their performance and facilitate self-reflection. Watching their performance allows learners to look at themselves from a distance and form a more realistic picture of their skills, thus helping with skills acquisition and improvement. Also, the design of the assessment facilitates student ownership of their learning and individual responsibility.

UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities

IMG_3479The UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities conference in Birmingham, 25-26 May 2016, was a thought-provoking event with excellent speakers and delegates. This year’s conference focussed on the digital capabilities of staff in HE and FE.

One recurrent theme was introducing change and change management. Several speakers referred to challenges surrounding the introduction of new technologies, changes in relevant policies, and modifying institutional cultures.